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Matt Carriker Net Worth – $5 million

What is Matt Carriker’s net worth?


Matt Carriker is a Texan YouTube influencer and entertainer who aims to teach the world about gun safety and has an obsession with heavy weaponry.

When he’s not running the ultra-successful Demolition Ranch channel, he’s vlogging for OffTheRanch.

Or practicing veterinary medicine at Fair Oaks Ranch Vet Clinic.

Or saving homeless and abandoned animals through Vet Ranch, alongside his compassionate colleagues.

Wherever you find him, here’s what we know about the hilarious—and altruistic—Matt Carriker.

The Origin Story

Matthew Carriker was born on 23rd October 1986 in Boerne, Texas.

He is the son of vet Lee, and homemaker, Patricia, and he has 3 siblings—Mark, Andrew, and Allie.

Matt and his two brothers and one sister grew up around animals, and Matt knew from a young age that he’d follow in his father’s footsteps.

When he graduated from high school, Matt made his way to Texas A&M University to study Veterinary Medicine.

While he was studying, he met—and eventually married—Meredith Atkinson. Meredith, an Arkansas native, relocated to the Texas Hill Country as a teenager.

The couple has two daughters—Adalyn and Annie—and a son named Lincoln.

Family Life

The Carriker family may have built three incredibly successful YouTube channels, with a combined 16 million viewers, but they’re still just like every other family at heart.

Meredith, who earned her degree in Civil Engineering, spent five years as a stay-at-home mom while Matt got his businesses off the ground.

When the baby of the family—son, Lincoln—turned 5, she headed back into the workforce, assisting with the social media side of the business and launching her own blog and lifestyle website.

The family, who are practicing Christians, also attend church, enjoy traveling and hiking, entertaining, hunting, and fishing.

A Bump In The Road

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Early on in the couple’s marriage, Matt launched his YouTube channel—effectively because he wanted to find a way to subsidize his ammo costs.

The plan had its pros and cons.

One of the pros was, the plan would eventually work, and a decade later, Matt would be able to afford much more than ammunition based on his new YouTube income.

One of the cons was that he spent so much time with his guns, he neglected his study and failed his final vet exam.

The exam cost him $500 to re-sit—money he and his young wife did not have.

To cover the fee, he started working harder on monetizing his channel and improving his viewership.

When that paid off, he paid for—and passed—his exam.

Matt Carriker was officially a vet!

He took over his dad’s practice at Fair Oaks Ranch.

Demolition Ranch

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After venturing into the world of YouTube in 2011—and making some actual money off the channel by 2014—Matt was hooked.

DemolitionRanch was launched by Matt and his buddies shooting guns, but it’s evolved to become a showcase for so much more.

With a fanbase of 10 million, the videos cover everything from gun reviews, gun experiments, and Carriker’s signature Redneck Science series.

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Vet Ranch

As a lover of animals and a vet by trade, Carriker couldn’t help but be inspired to do more to help local animals—especially the homeless and neglected animals.

He founded Vet Ranch in February of 2014 and hired fellow Texas A&M vet graduate Karri McCreary to help him run his non-profit animal clinic.

The clinic is operated solely on donations and advertising on the Vet Ranch YouTube channel (which had almost hit 3 million subscribers by mid-2021), and it has teamed up with San Antonio Pets Alive to rehome many of the animals it rescues.

Matt’s goal is to take as many animals as possible from local Texas shelters and give them a better chance to be adopted into their forever homes.

From mange to neutering to malnutrition and disease, Carriker is committed to helping them all.

Off The Ranch

Carriker’s third offering to the social media market is OffTheRanch—a vlogging channel where Matt shares a glimpse into his life behind the scenes.

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Most of his videos feature his family—including his young children and his siblings—and follow them along on their journey with home renovations, vacations, and work on El Chromino.

When Carriker isn’t hard at work on one of his channels, or his full-time gig as a vet, he makes clothing and merchandise.

Bunker Branding Co. is the official manufacturer of all Demolitia, Demolition Ranch, Vet Ranch, and OffTheRanch merchandise and apparel.

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Demolition Ranch (Matt Carriker) – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Matt Carriker worth? The founder of Demolition Ranch, Matt Carriker, earned most of his wealth from advertisem*nts on his YouTube channels, sponsors, and selling merch. Therefore, American YouTuber Matt Carriker has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

On YouTube (OffTheRanch and DemolitionRanch), Matt has over 3.2 billion views, meaning about $9 million in revenue before taxes.

Want to see what makes Matt Carriker so special? Learn more about the good doctor’s amazing work for abandoned animals at Vet Ranch.

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